The Eagle and the Mole

The king and queen Eagle left the crowd and went into the forest. They intend to settle down in the forest. They found a large oak tree, where they planned to build a nest, and in the summer they would start to raise their eaglets.

When the Mole heard this, he gave his advice to the Lord of the Eagles.

'This oak,' said the Mole, 'is not a very good place. You see, its roots are going to rot, maybe it won't be long, it will fall down! I suggest you find another place."

The Eagle king thought, what is this waking rat? *** strict rat hiding in the tree hole every day, can than I old mill sharp eyes? How ridiculous that it should even give me advice! ***ll this talk of me having to relocate is ridiculous!

The Eagle king ignored the Mole, but persisted in building his nest in the oak tree. Later, they had a beautiful and loving home. Later, they hatched a group of cute baby eagles.

But one morning, when the Eagle King came back from outside, he was petrified by what he saw! Their oak tree had fallen down, their hard-worked home was gone, and their queen eagle and children had all fallen to their deaths!

The Eagle King was very sad! 'How unlucky I am,' she sobbed. 'Why didn't I listen to the Mole's advice? God punish me like this! What have I done not to believe, or even to listen to, what the Mole said?"

'Because you despise me,' replied the Mole. 'Do you know that I live in a hollow tree, and make holes every day, and that I have good or bad roots?

We should not judge a person by his appearance and thus influence our own judgment. We should take the reasonable suggestions of others seriously.





“这棵橡树,” 鼹鼠说,“可算不得一个好地方。你看,的根都快要烂掉了,或许用不了多久,它就会倒下了呢!我建议你们还是另找一处地方吧。”




鹰王伤心极了!“我多么不幸啊,” 它哭着说, “当初我为什么不听从鼹鼠的劝告呢?老天竟然给我这样的惩罚!我竟然不相信鼹鼠的话,甚至还把它的话当耳旁风,我都做了些什么啊?"

“因为你瞧不起我,” 鼹鼠回答说,“你要知道我就住在树洞里,每天都在打洞,根的好坏,我能不知道吗?”





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